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Board Goals


Texas Education Code (TEC) is amended by House Bill 3 (HB 3) to include plans that target early childhood (EC) literacy and math proficiency and college, career, and military readiness (CCMR).

Why This Matters

In keeping alignment with the state’s 60x30TX goal, the School Finance Commission recommended establishing Pre-K through 12th grade goal of at least 60 percent proficiency at TEA’s “Meets” standard at two key “checkpoints” along the state’s public Pre-K through 12th grade educational continuum:

  • Sixty percent of all students meeting the state’s “Meets” standard at third-grade reading.
  • Sixty percent of all high school seniors graduating without the need for remediation and achieving (1) an industry-accepted certificate aligned with a living wage job; or (2) enrolling in post-secondary education’ or (3) enrolling in the military.


Plan Requirements

HB 3 requires school boards to adopt detailed plans developed by their management teams that achieve goals in two key areas:

  • Early childhood literacy and mathematics (EC-LM) proficiency( 3rd Grade Reading & Mathematics)
  • College, career, and military readiness (CCMR)


Plan Requirements for Each

Both EC-LM and CCMR Plans have the requirements to:

  • Assign at least one district-level administrator or employee of the regional education service center to oversee the coordination of each plan
  • Set specific, quantifiable, annual goals for five years at each district/campus
  • Be reviewed at least annually by the board at a public meeting
  • Post annual report on district and campus websites
Please click here for more information on Board Adopted Goals and Plans.


HPS Board Goals

  • All detailed board goals along with progress measures are provided in the attachments.
  • Each district has three main goals for 5-year period ( 2020-2024)
    • 3rd Grade Reading
    • 3rd Grade Mathematics
    • CCMR
  • The plans also include progress measures goals . For example, In order to attain 3rd Grade Reading goal by 2024, we set early literacy goals for PK-2 grade levels. We measure those goals with NWEA MAP, MAP Fluency , and Circle Assessments.
District CCMR EC-LM
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