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Gifted & Talented Service Design

Students in HPS GATE Program are offered the following services, based on the needs of each campus at the discretion of GATE Committee:

  • Core Subject Differentiation
  • Pull-Out Services
  • Custom Day Services
  • GATE sections
  • Summer Camps/Internships
  • Advanced Academics/PBL
  • Independent Study
  • Push-In
  • Cluster Grouping
  • Extracurricular Activities

For more information, review the GATE handbook Pages 5&6

Gifted & Talented Education (GATE) Handbook

First page of the PDF file: GATEHandbook

Summary of GATE Modules offered by Harmony campuses

A flexible system of viable service options provides a research based learning continuum that is developed and consistently implemented throughout the district to meet the needs and reinforce the strengths and interests of GT students.

  • K-5 Modules
    1. In Class GT extensions/enrichment activities/differentiation
      • GT Centers (K-2)
      • Co-teaching during regular instructional time
    2. Small group instruction scheduling - "8th Period"
    3. GT cluster grouping
    4. Pull outs
    5. Independent Study
    6. Acceleration
  • 6-8 Modules
    1. In Class GT extension/enrichment activities/differentiation
    2. GT cluster grouping
    3. STEM Electives
    4. Pull outs
    5. Independent Study
    6. Acceleration
    7. Advanced authentic practice and research
    8. Mentoring (Counseling/support)
    9. Pre-AP courses
  • 9-12 Modules
    1. GT College and Career Counseling
    2. Advanced authentic practice and research
    3. Acceleration
    4. Independent Study
  •  Module Boosters
    1. Academic clubs and competitions after school
    2. Service learning opportunities
    3. Volunteer opportunities
    4. Summer programs and camps
    5. Leadership roles on campus