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North Star

At Harmony Public Schools, we don’t just provide an education for our students. We prepare them for the real world. As a part of the big picture, Harmony Public Schools aim to produce well-rounded, top tier leaders who go into the world and make a difference. As a part of our North Star, we center our educational backbone on five principles:

I have a plan for my future

Grads have an ambitious postsecondary plan for career and educational pathways aligned to their goals (two or four year college, military, and/or tech cert). Graduates are especially encouraged to pursue four-year degrees, particularly those in STEM.

Harmony's North Star
With these five points, our students graduate at the top of their classes with a 100% college acceptance rate while pursuing a postsecondary educational pathway aligned with their goals.

I have something I'm passionate about

Grads are well-rounded, with interests and passions aligned to their career goals & beyond.

I know how to work with others

Grads are collaborative, empathetic communicators with strong character.

I can solve tough problems

Grads are strong problem solvers & critical thinkers who are prepared to address the world's toughest challenges in any field.

I am well-prepared to lead my life

Grads are responsible & self-directed with skills to live independent adult lives.

By excelling in the five points of Harmony's North Star, graduates will be empowered to both feel a part of their community and become contributors within it.

I am Part of the Harmony Community

Grads understand themselves as part of - and are ready to contribute to - the HPS community.

I am Part of a Broader Community

Grads understand themselves as part of - and are ready to contribute to - their community, state, country, and world.