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STEM at Harmony

Center for STEM Education

The mission of the Center for STEM Education is to coordinate and/or contribute to the development, implementation, and management of STEM programs aligned with the mission of the Harmony Public Schools.

The major goals of the Center are

  • Serve as a central point of contact and communication by offering a physical presence at HPS main office, a comprehensive website, and STEM outreach programs.
  • Be the driving force for engaging HPS students, faculty, and parents in STEM initiatives.
  • Encourage and facilitate expanded HPS interaction with educators, community organizations, policy makers, businesses, and families.
  • Develop and provide support for STEM programs for HPS teachers.
  • Create strategic partnerships among business, higher education entities, and local educational agencies including school districts and charter schools to support STEM education by enabling and supporting regional collaboration.
  • Develop and provide support for extracurricular STEM programs within HPS.
  • Seek external funds for STEM fields and administer and support programs developed with such funds.
  • Inspire and support HPS students to pursue careers in STEM fields.

STEMSOS (Project-Based Learning)

STEM SOS is a rigorous, interdisciplinary, standards-focused, and engaging STEM teaching approach that is teacher-facilitated, student-centered and directed through sets of project- and inquiry-based (P&IBL) projects. This new PBL (Project Based Learning) approach maintains the focus on standards-based teaching while enriching and extending the learning of students through PBL projects. The goal is to promote not only collaborative skills and student ownership of learning but also to promote student success in state and national standards.

To learn more about STEM, please visit the