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Harmony Public Schools places the highest priority on the safety of our students and team members.  At HPS we have security cameras, controlled access to buildings, visitor registry, crisis communication, and trained employees to help ensure our students have a safe place to learn.  Emergency response plans are updated yearly and trained to all staff members to make sure our school community knows what to do in a crisis and that situations are communicated in a timely manner.

Crisis Communication

Safety is a priority at Harmony Public Schools and one of our goals is to make sure our community is aware of any safety concerns that may occur on campus.  When a crisis or other safety concern occurs we will communicate directly with our parents through email and text messages.  In order to receive these messages, please check with your child’s campus to make sure your contact information is up to date.

Student's Role in Safety

Student health and safety is a high priority of Harmony Public Schools. Student cooperation is essential to ensuring health and safety. Students should:

  • Avoid conduct that is likely to put the student or other students at risk.
  • Follow the behavioral standards set forth in our Student/Parent Handbook, including the Student Code of Conduct, as well as any additional rules for behavior and safety set by the Principal, teachers, or other school staff.
  • Remain alert to and promptly report safety hazards, such as intruders on campus and threats made by a person toward a student or staff member.
  • Know emergency evacuation routes and signals.
  • Immediately follow instructions from staff members who are overseeing student welfare.

Emergency Planning

Each Harmony District has a Safety and Security Committee which meets at minimum three times a year.  This committee creates our Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations plans and works towards improving campus safety procedures. Parent and community involvement is encouraged.   If you would like to participate, please contact your local HPS Superintendent’s office or speak to your campus administrator for more information.