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Reporting Concerns

Safety is everyone’s responsibility.  There are times when parents and students may become aware of a situation before the campus staff does.  We encourage you to please report these matters as soon as possible.  

Scenario 1

If it is after school hours and you become aware that a person has made a direct specific threat against the campus, please call the local police department.  You can notify the campus as well, but if it is after hours there is a good chance the campus will not get the notification until the next day.

Scenario 2 

You hear a rumor that a possible safety threat could occur on campus.  Call the campus and give them as many details as you can.  

Scenario 3

You have a concern about a student.  They have not made a threat, but they have been acting differently and you are concerned about their well-being.  You can refer them to our counseling department by filling out a Student Assistance Form: