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Worker's Compensation

Harmony Public Schools is proud to offer a comprehensive array of employer-paid and supplemental benefits to employees, including medical/dental/vision, retirement, professional development opportunities, college financial assistance and/or debt forgiveness, and more. Select a category at left to learn more or find out below why Harmony Public Schools is a great place to grow your career.

Worker's Compensation

In accordance with state law, Harmony Public Schools provides workers’ compensation benefits to employees who suffer a work-related illness or are injured on the job.

Workers’ Compensation benefits help pay for medical treatment Harmony Public Schools Employee Handbook 2019 – 2020 30 and make up for part of the income lost while recovering.

All work-related illnesses, accidents, or injuries must be reported immediately to the employee’s supervisor (Principal at a campus and the employee’s direct supervisor at other locations).

All appropriate incident forms must be completed and submitted to Harmony’s insurance carrier within 24 hours of the incident.

Employees who are unable to work due to a work-related injury will be notified of their rights and responsibilities under the Texas Labor Code.

You will need to contact and coordinate with Summit Holdings, HPS’ Workers’ Compensation Insurance vendor, regarding their requirements as to which providers you may use to receive full coverage.

An employee absent because of a job-related illness or injury will be placed on FMLA Leave or Unpaid Non-FMLA Leave for First Year Employees, as applicable.

Employees with questions about workers’ compensation should contact the Harmony Public Schools Insurance Manager at 713.343.3333 or the Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission at 1-800-452-9595.

Fraudulent Claims for Workers’ Compensation Filing a false or fraudulent claim is a violation of law and Harmony policy, and can result in disciplinary employment actions, including termination of employment.

Return to Work Policy Employees out on Workers’ Compensation will be entitled to reinstatement pursuant to applicable laws and the terms of Harmony’s absence control policy upon a timely return to work.

Employees out on a workers’ compensation leave of absence are required to notify Harmony’s Leave Department within seven (7) days, if they have been released for light duty, if found by any physician to have reached maximum medical improvement, if there is a change of address or phone number, or if released for full duty return to work.

Upon expiration of a Workers’ Compensation absence, and prior to returning to work, the employee must obtain a physician’s release and provide it to the HR Department or the employee’s supervisor.