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North Texas District

Harmony Public Schools has served the North Texas area since 2004. Our mission is to prepare students for higher learning in a safe, caring, and collaborative atmosphere through a quality, learner-centered educational program with a strong emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math.


District Calendars 2023-24

Next School Year's District Calendars

I love that the curriculum is thorough and inclusive. They have allowed me to tailor my child's courses towards her interest. It was a fantastic move for our family!

Akea W. | Harmony Parent


My kids are happy doing what they love. We love our Harmony family. The staff are amazing. Was the best decision!Yaritza G. | Harmony Parent

Our son is no longer just a number in a huge sea of high schoolers. His teachers have been much more communicative with us. The smaller classes give our son and his classmates an advantage. Also, the high expectations from the scholars keeps these kids accountable and performing at a high level. Kate A. | Harmony Parent