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Success provides each and every student Harmony Public Schools with the necessary coaching and guidance to plan for their futures from Pre-K to their careers within a caring and collaborative environment. By engaging with students and families with care and collaboration, we cultivate curriculum, engagements, and activities focused on the preparation needed to take on post-secondary educational and professional opportunities. Through customized counseling services, knowledge-sharing, and mentorship we motivate and support our students and families beyond high school graduation to reach their dream college and live a successful life.

What We Believe

Students and families deserve access to resources that will prepare them to thrive, this includes higher education and better career pathways. Gaining the preparation for higher education and better career pathways is a crucial part of this.

Research shows that college graduates experience more economic empowerment and access to higher paying careers and individuals with vocational training advance more quickly in their professions. Although this is true, the pathways to higher education are filled with many obstacles. Obstacles ranging from, financial and academic, to accessing the right information; make it difficult for students and families, across the country, to make the best decisions regarding their future. These decisions are even harder for low-income students and those who might be the first in their family to go to college.

Our students don’t need to confront these obstacles alone. Harmony Public School’s college and career readiness program provides the support and resources for students and families to reach their college and career dreams. We work with students at every stage of their educational journey, even our graduates who are now on their post-secondary journeys, to ensure they have a successful future.