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Graduation Plans


  1. In order for a student to graduate from Harmony Public
  2. Schools, the student must fulfill:
  1. HPS High School Credit Requirement
  2. Passing Score on Texas State Assessments (STAAR)
  3. Admission by a 4-Year College
  4. Completion of a Free Application for Federal Student Aid

(FAFSA) or a Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA), or an opt-out form1

  1. 5. Minimum 100 Community Service Hours


Course-by-Credit Summary

Harmony’s High School Program is designed to ensure acceptance,enrollment, and success in 4-year universities, and requires the following course‐by‐credit plan for all students, regardless of the

plan they choose to graduate. Exceptions may apply to students receiving Special Education services.




Students in 8th grade will begin the process of developing a Personalized Graduation Plan (PGP) for the next 4 years in high school.  A Personalized Graduation Plan is a 4-year plan that each student makes to help guide his or her course selection to meet the criteria of the chosen endorsement.

Required Academic Program for HPS High School Graduation

In accordance with House Bill 5, all students are required to choose one endorsement in order to graduate under the State of Texas Foundation High School Plan. “Foundation High School Plan with Endorsements and Distinguished Level of Achievement” is the default plan all Harmony students are expected to follow. In order to earn a high school diploma from any Harmony Public School, each student must fulfill the following core academic requirements:  




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